HAI | New training center now ready
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Published on 29/11/2023 at 12:26

The new training center at the premises of the Hellenic Aviation Industry is put into operation.

The new center covers an area of ​​9,500 m2, can accommodate over 1,000 students, and includes classrooms, modern laboratories, an event hall, a library, a dining area, a student services center, and offices. The complex also includes a hangar for students’ training.

The building, worth 20 million euros, was completed over a period of 10 months with funding from HAI and is expected to contribute to the effort to upgrade the quality of the education provided, supporting HAI’s vision to lead in the field of aeronautical studies internationally and grant undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

In this context, HAI intends, for the rapidly growing demands of its educational activity, to invest in two more similar buildings, with the aim of putting them into operation in 2025.

Further, its immediate plans include a pilot school, an air traffic school, flight simulators, and virtual reality for the needs of studies. The company has secured collaborations with all Greek universities, with the Ikaron School and the Lehigh University of the USA.

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HAI already hosts over 1,000 students from Arab countries in its educational center, while this number, with the new building, will multiply. As stated in a relevant announcement, the company is currently managing a contract worth hundreds of millions of euros to train students from the United Arab Emirates in aircraft maintenance, which will soon more than double, as well as a training contract with Bahrain.

ΗΑΙ presented positive financial results in 2021 and 2022, with constantly increasing revenues and expansion into new activities. In addition to training, which manages contracts worth hundreds of millions, ΗΑΙ has entered the fields of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), Space with satellite systems, intelligent warfare systems, etc.

In addition, it has increased its personnel by hiring over 600 people, being the focus of the Hellenic Armed Forces programs, but also a major factor in the construction of the C-130 and F-16 aircraft for Lockheed Martin.

With information from: APA MPA

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