Chr. Staikouras | Progress in HAI’s UAV program
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Published on 22/12/2022 at 10:33

For about 2 years now, efforts have been made to establish a collaboration between the Ministry of Finance, the Hellenic Aviation Industry (HAI), the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the Democritus University of Thrace, and the University of Thessaly. 

The aim is for the wider public sector to become a designer and producer of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). 

So far, based on funding from the Ministry of Finance, the ‘Archytas’ program has been structured, notes the Minister of Finance, Christos Staikouras, in his statement regarding the progress of the said program.

In detail:

“The program aims at the design and industrial production of a multi-use and multi-type unmanned aerial vehicle (drone – UAV) system. The implementation of the ‘Archytas’ program began on September 1, 2021. According to the authorities’ quarterly report, this national effort is progressing with quite absolute consistency in planning.

In particular, in the past quarter, test flights of the scaled aircraft were successfully carried out, both in a conventional way and in the vertical take-off/landing mode, and thus its final, detailed design is nearing completion.

At the same time, in HAI:

  1. supplies of necessary materials and devices are ongoing;
  2. the construction of the special area and the industrial production line is progressing;
  3. the construction of the designed molds begins. During the current quarter (until the end of February 2023) their construction will be completed, whereas the construction of the prototype vehicle will begin towards the end of it.

After the completion of its construction, there will be test flights, checks, certifications, costing of alternative types of vehicles, and taking over from users – on behalf of HAI – orders for aircraft manufacture.

Thus, we consider that we can now call on Greek entrepreneurship, which produces or seeks to produce the necessary materials and devices for aircraft, with international competitiveness in terms of quality and prices, to coordinate its action with the HAI.

Therefore, our firm political will, the consistent work, and the reliability, effectiveness, and efficiency of those involved, formed the basis for the Ministry of Finance to decide to finance the design of a second, more complex UAV.

Relevant announcements will follow in early 2023. Therefore, the developments in this critically important field show that Greeks both want and can make our homeland stronger in all respects.”

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