Ground Master 400 | Thales 3D long-range Radar – VIDEO
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Published on 08/09/2021 at 11:30

Ground Master 400 is a 3D long-range active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar to secure airspace sovereignty with over 70 units sold in more than 15 nations.

Secure superior situational awareness

A software-defined 3D air surveillance radar, the GM400 by design provides command and control (C2) centers with superior situational awareness at all times. With an update rate of 6 seconds and an elevation coverage of up to 40°, it can continuously scan the airspace simultaneously detecting all types of high-, medium- and low-altitude targets. 

Once detected, classification of targets as friend or foe is crucial in order to avoid fratricide fire. The GM400 fused interrogation mode 5 enables quick Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) providing C2 centers with optimum response time and complete peace of mind.

Track and field, anytime, anywhere 

Designed to offer unprecedented deployability and survivability, the GM400 fits into a compact 20ft container, complete with a lifting system, and can be mounted on a truck and redeployed in less than an hour. Radar operators can also use the decoys fitted on the radar to ensure the highest possible survivability potential for long-range radars.

National Guard’s Radar Station in Troodos

It is noted that the existing 3D search radars of the Republic of Cyprus are the TRS-2245MT and the TRS-2215D also manufactured by Thales. The radars in question are located in Troodos, under the operational control of the 4th Regional Control Center (KEP).

Main characteristics of GM400:

  • Digital beam forming
  • S-band with GaN technology
  • Full domain coverage every 6s
  • Mean Time Between Critical Failures (MTBCF)> 3000 hours
  • Operational availability > 98.5%
  • One single package as an ISO 20ft container weighing 10tons
  • Chosen and planned maintenance with limited team 
  • Range > 500 km
  • Available in mobile or fixed version
  • Deliverable in 2 options: in a standalone configuration; or, it can be integrated into a national airspace surveillance network

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