Germany | The government approves arms exports to Cyprus, India and Niger
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Published on 09/02/2023 at 11:31

A report on the website of the public television ARD refers to the approval of the German government for the export of a large number of armaments to India, Cyprus, and Niger. The said report cites a document of the Ministry of Economy to selected Members of Parliament.

Regarding Cyprus, it is noted that the export of twelve “H145M” attack helicopters was approved, while India is expected to receive technical equipment used for Leopard 2 and other tanks.

Niger has received approval to import two “King Air 360 ER” aircraft for border surveillance as well as other surveillance equipment, with the report noting that the country is currently Germany’s closest partner in its politically volatile zone the Sahel.

According to Euronews, exports to India amount to approximately 2.2 million euros, while there is no information on the value of exports to Niger and Cyprus.

Finally, it is recalled that the decision on these exports is taken by the Federal Security Council, which secretly meets under the Chancellor.

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