GEEF | Completion of Multinational Tactical Exercise “TALOS-2022” of the Multinational Battle Group HELBROC – Photos
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Published on 22/11/2022 at 09:31

From November 8-18, 2022, the Multinational Tactical Exercise “TALOS-2022” took place at the “Colonel KOROMILAS ANDREAS” Camp in Kilkis with the participation of forces and assets of the 6 states that make up the EU Multinational Battle Group “HELBROC BG”. 

According to an announcement by the National Guard General Staff (GEEF), the purpose of the exercise was to evaluate the operational capabilities of the HELBROC BG personnel in view of the 1st Semester of 2023, a period during which the group will be ready to undertake a mission. 

At the same time, the exercise increases the level of cooperation, interoperability and synergy among units of the Armed Forces of Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and the Republic of North Macedonia that make up the said Battle Group. 

In particular, according to the exercise’s scenario and corresponding Operations Plan, the HELBROC BG was deployed as an Initial Entry Force in order to properly prepare the ground for the deployment of a larger military peace support operation, within the framework of the EU’s Common Defence and Security Policy. The National Guard participated with personnel at the Forces Headquarters (FHQ) and a Military Police Department with its organic assets. 

On Friday, November 18, 2022, the Distinguished Visitors Day was held in the presence of the Deputy Minister of National Defence, Mr. Nikolaos Hardalias, the President of the Military Commission of the European Union, General Robert Brieger, the Chief of the Hellenic Army General Staff, Lt. General Charalambos Lalousis, the Deputy Chief of the Hellenic National Defence General Staff, Vice-Admiral Ioannis Drymousis, the Commander of the 1st ARMY/EU OHQ “ACHILLES”, Lieutenant General Angelos Houdeloudis. The National Guard was represented by the Commander of the 3rd Brigade Support, Brigadier Charalambos Angelidis. 

The exercise is particularly beneficial, as it provides the opportunity for National Guard personnel to train together with corresponding personnel from other States, thus promoting interoperability and highlighting the excellent relationships that have been developed. Furthermore, it proves the contribution of the Republic of Cyprus in the framework of the EU Common Defence and Security Policy. 

It is noted that the Operations Plan, on which the HELBROC BG was evaluated, was prepared by the Headquarters of the 1st ARMY/EU OHQ “ACHILLES” in Larissa, where alongside the “TALOS- 2022”, the corresponding exercise “European Union Integrated Resolve 22” was also conducted.

This exercise takes place every two years with the participation of all the involved political and military bodies of the EU, including National Guard personnel. It is the largest operational training activity in terms of the evaluation of crisis management procedures within the framework of the Common Defence and Security Policy.  

Its purpose was to improve and strengthen the EU’s capability to respond to a complex hybrid crisis with both an internal and an external dimension.

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