Advanced Joint Cyber ​​Defence Training – Participation of National Guard Officers
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Published on 18/11/2022 at 11:12

Two officers of the National Guard participated in the Advanced Joint Cyber ​​Defence Training conducted by the Hellenic National Defence General Staff (HNDGS).

Specifically, from Monday October 31 to Friday November 11, 2022, the HNDGS organized and conducted the 18th training entitled “Advanced Joint Cyber ​​Defence Training”, which was held online.

The training took place with the participation of 57 officers from the Armed and Security Forces and the wider Public Sector, as follows: Armed Forces: 40 officers (14 from the HNDGS, 1 from the Special Warfare Command of the HNDGS, 11 from the Hellenic Army General Staff, 8 from the Hellenic Navy General Staff and 6 from the Hellenic Air France General Staff); Security Forces: 7 officers (5 from the Hellenic Police and 2 from the Hellenic Coast Guard); Ministries: 7 officers (2 from the Ministry of National Defence, 2 from the Ministry of Digital Governance and 3 from the Ministry of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection); National Intelligence Service: 1 officer; GEEF: 2 officers.

This Training is a continuation of the “Basic Joint Cyber ​​Defence Training” and contributes to strengthening the knowledge field of the participants by providing specialized knowledge in the field of Cyber ​​Defence, aiming at their rapid response to new operational data and modern digital threats.

Source: HNDGS

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