Footage from the #BeActive event | Personnel from the 33rd Special Forces Battalion participated in the action – Photos 

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Published on 17/10/2020 at 17:44

This year’s 6th European #BeActive2020 Week concluded on Thursday October 15, 2020, with a special event at the 33rd Special Forces Unit, in the presence of the President of the Cyprus Sports Organization (CSO), Andreas Michailidis.

The personnel of the 33rd Special Forces Unit participated in the action called “Functional Relays”. The organizers were the CSO and the training directorate of the National Guard, with the guidance of the trainers of the Sports program in National Guard / Security Forces.

The President of the CSO congratulated all those who successfully participated in the action #BeActive2020, which proves the impeccable work done by the trainers of the department and the AGO program. Mr. Michailidis also thanked the Special Forces personnel for the hospitality, emphasizing the excellent and close cooperation between CSO and the Special Forces, which will be further strengthened.

With the completion of the action #BeActive2020, the President of the CSO, accompanied by the Special Forces Regiment Commander, Colonel Solomos Solomou and the Commander of the 33rd Special Forces Unit, Major Konstantinos Hatzikostis, paid tribute to the fallen heroes of the Unit laying a wreath at the Monument erected in the camp.

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