Fire under full control in Akrounta community | VIDEO
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Published on 13/06/2020 at 10:33

The Forest Department announces that the fire that broke out on Friday, June 12, 2020 at 15:50 in the community of Akrounta was brought under full control during the night after painstaking efforts by land forces.

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The fire burned about 60 hectares, covered with pines and other wild shrubs, including 37 hectares within the Limassol State Forest.

The firefighting operation involves 100 people from the Forest Department with 20 fire trucks, 4 fire engines of the Fire Service with their crews, 3 small fire engines of the Civil Defence with 16 people, 1 small fire truck with two people from the Wildlife Preserve Department, 5 excavators, members of the Police, the Disaster Response Special Unit and volunteers. The Icarus Plan for firefighting aircraft had also been implemented.

A total of 8 flying vehicles operated, 1 aircraft of the Department of Forestry, 2 leased aircraft, 2 leased helicopters, 1 helicopter of the British Bases and 1 helicopter of the Police. The coordination of the air vehicles was undertaken by a Police helicopter with an officer of the National Guard, while the assistance of the Research and Rescue Coordination Center (K.S.E.D.) was also decisive.

Forest fire fighting forces remain in the area, while from early in the morning flying mediums also operate to secure the fire perimeter and to deal with possible fire revival.





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