Fire in the community of Akrounta | Firefighting forces reinforced – Photos
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Published on 12/06/2020 at 18:55

Additional firefighting forces were called to the area of ​​Akrounta community, where a fire broke out shortly before 16:00.

According to the latest information from the Forest Department, strong ground firefighting forces are attempting to extinguish the fire and the “Ikaros Plan” concerning the operations of the aircraft has been implemented. The air forces operating to extinguish the fire are one aircraft of the Forest Department, two rented aircraft, the two leased Russian helicopters of the Republic, a helicopter of the British Bases and a coordinating helicopter of the Police.

Additional ground forces have also been called in to assist in the task of extinguishing the fire.

The Forest Department says in a statement that every effort is being made to control the fire front. Ground and air forces are strong and in full swing, but firefighting operations are extremely difficult due to the morphology of the ground which renders the area inaccessible.

12/06/2020, 19:20ΕΝΔΙΑΜΕΣΗ ΑΝΑΚΟΙΝΩΣΗ ΓΙΑ ΔΑΣΙΚΗ ΠΥΡΚΑΓΙΑ???Σε εξέλιξη δασική πυρκαγιά στην κοινότητα Ακρούντας Το…

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