EUROSATORY 2022 | EODH participates in International Defence and Security exhibition and unveils new technological products
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Published on 12/06/2022 at 17:30

The Greek company EODH S.A., based in Lakkoma, Halkidiki participates once again in the International Defence and Security Exhibition EUROSATORY 2022, (German Pavilion HALL 6 – K631). 

EODH will present its technologies, systems, and products along with its latest developments in the field of Main Battle Tanks (MBTs), Armored Fighting Vehicles, and Light Armored Vehicles shielding.

At EODH’s 120 sq.m. pavilion, the visitors will have the chance to witness the new 4×4 High Mobility Armored Vehicle “Hoplite” which incorporates many innovations and provides an excellent balance between mobility and shielding.

At the same time, the renowned and battle-proven KMW 4×4 Dingo II equipped with the shielding upgrade package ASPIS D-Force will be unveiled.

In addition to these, the Advanced Shielding Platform Integrated System ASPIS Modular NG – MBT will be showcased, and installed on a Leopard 2A4 turret designed as a complete hybrid solution. 

According to the company, the said system combines passive and active protection elements in the front arch to deal with modern threats such as tandem-charge warheads and the new generation APFSDS kinetic energy piercing rounds.

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The combination of active and passive shielding will also be showcased for the first time in a model at the company’s pavilion. Apart from comprehensive shielding capabilities (including our Advanced Passive and Active Shielding Systems), smart materials, new generation transparent armor as well as new Comprehensive Shielding solutions will also be presented.

Stay tuned to DEFENCE ReDEFiNED to be the first to know about EUROSATORY 2022, held in Paris on June 13-17, 2022.

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