EUROSATORY 2022 | DЯ and the Cypriot participations at the Defence and Security Exhibition in Paris
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Published on 29/05/2022 at 15:55

Following the participation in DEFEA 2021 Defence and Security Exhibition in Athens, DEFENCE ReDEFINED will cover EUROSATORY 2022, which will be held in Paris between 13-17 June, 2022. 

In this main Defence and Security exhibition, 7 companies based in Cyprus will be exhibiting their products and services, something that creates optimism for the development of the country’s capabilities in these Industries.

The Cypriot companies that will participate in EUROSATORY are CyRIC, Eight Bells, EnCorp Ltd, SignalGeneriX and Swarmly, with two of them (CyRIC and SignalGeneriX) having also participated in DEFEA in 2021.

The profile of the participating companies is (in alphabetical order):

CyRIC (Cyprus Research and Innovation Center). The company offers Research and Innovation Services in the fields of design and engineering, prototype development, electronics and communications as well as specialised software solutions. In addition, a number of specialised consulting services are offered to start-ups and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

CyRIC also participates in European co-financed programs, namely the Unmanned Semi Fixed Sea Platforms (USSPs) and LOTUS – Low Observable Tactical Unmanned System – approved under the EDIDP (European Industrial Defence Development Program) for 2019 and 2020.

Encorp Engineering Corporation provides construction and maintenance services for vehicles and facilities. Encorp specializes in the design and construction of a wide range of specialized vehicles and trucks, including vehicles for the Fire Service, the Armed Forces, the Police, UNFICYP and other organizations such as NATO.

The company participates, among others, in the “ATHENS” program of the Ministry of Defence with the “DroneEye” project.

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Eight Bells (8BELLS) is an independent Research and Consulting company specializing in selected parts of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) as well as in modelling and analysis for businesses.

The company has offices in Nicosia and Athens. Eight Bells also participates in the European program AI4DEF: Artificial Intelligence for Defence with 18 other companies from various European countries, while the purpose of the program is to examine the benefits of applying artificial intelligence (AI) in areas critical to the military, such as situation assessment, decision-making and business planning improvement.

In addition to AI4DEF, the company also participates in the RESPOND-A project which operates under the European Program HORIZON 2020.

SignalGeneriX is active in the design and development of electronic systems based on its expertise in digital signal processing and communication technologies, with a significant part focusing on products used for Defence and Security.

The company’s extensive portfolio and products are used creatively to develop innovative solutions involving the field of Electronic Warfare (EW), smart Defence Systems, Cyber security and Border Surveillance.

SignalGeneriX also holds an important distinction since, with the participation in a total of 6 funded projects of the European Defence Industrial Development Program (EDIDP) for 2019 and 2020, it is ranked as the first Small and Medium Enterprise at pan-European level. A related article on these programs can be found here.

Swarmly Aero, with premises in Limassol. offers Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) solutions for the Maritime, Defence and Security sectors. 

The production facilities, according to the company, include one of the largest 5-axis CNC machines in the world.  

DBDC International Defence Publications, based in Cyprus with a total of twenty years of experience in the field of defence publishing and Zomidea, with services in exhibitions and Conferences, will also participate in EUROSATORY 2022.

In addition to the Cypriot companies, it is worth mentioning that 11 Greek and 39 Turkish companies will participate in EUROSATORY 2022.

The exhibition will be a unique opportunity to learn about the latest trends in defence equipment of all kinds, such as armored combat vehicles, rifles and ammunition, anti-aircraft weapons, coastal defence weapons, unmanned vehicles and aircraft as well as medical equipment, equipment for security forces, first responders and many more. 

Stay tuned to DEFENCE ReDEFiNED to be the first to know everything about EUROSATORY 2022 and the latest news on Defence, Security and International Relations.

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