Estonia | Procures ARGUS night vision systems from Greek THEON
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Published on 04/04/2024 at 18:02

The Estonian Armed Forces have been equipped with the ARGUS night vision systems by the Greek company THEON.

Specifically, on March 27, THEON delivered the first 2000 ARGUS FS Mk2 night vision systems to the Estonian Defence Forces. The said procurement was made as part of the recently signed agreement that will equip up to 10,000 soldiers so as to enhance their operational capabilities in night missions.

The company’s announcement states that THEON was the winner of an international competition in which a total of 16 companies participated and THEON managed to collect the highest overall score in evaluation criteria such as technical performance, price and delivery time. As a result, the company was awarded the supply contract,  which includes the expedited delivery of more than 8000 ARGUS FS Mk2 as well as an option to deliver thousands of additional systems, amounting to €35 million and over €20 million respectively.

Also, the company’s announcement states that, according to the Estonian Center for Defense Investments (ECDI), which managed the procurement process, the combat capability of the Estonian Armed Forces in night missions, as well as the Defence Association, which is the volunteer military national defence agency of Estonia, will grow exponentially with the supply of ARGUS FS Mk2 night vision systems.

THERamil Lipp, Directorof Equipment at the National Center for Defence Investments, said, among other things, that the speed of delivery exceeded expectations.

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