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Published on 01/09/2020 at 08:52

A new Navtex for seismic surveys within the Greek continental shelf, south of Kastelorizo, has been issued by Turkey.

The new notice to seafarers, concerning the research vessel “Oruc Reis” and the accompanying vessels “Ataman” and “Cengiz Han”, is valid until September 12 and concerns the area surrounded by the following locations:

The previous illegal Turkish navtex expired on September 1st. With the new Navtex, the presence of “Oruc Reis” is extended for another 11 days, until September 12, a little further north.

The western borders of the area bound by Turkey with this Navtex reach, as in the previous ones, the 28th meridian, that is, the border of the Exclusive Economic Zone delimited by the recent agreement between Greece and Egypt.

The map of the new Turkish Navtex that shows that the Oruc Reis will move even closer to Kastelorizo and Rhodes

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Meanwhile in the Eastern Mediterranean, the flagship of the French fleet, the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, is expected to sail accompanied by an unknown number of ships and submarines of the French navy.

According to French reports, the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier will be in a state of full “battle readiness”, that is, with a full war load which includes a number of Rafale fighter jets, flying radar and strategic weapons of maximum-range missiles, anti-submarine arsenal, as well as advanced electronic tracking, targeting and electronic interception systems developed by the French war industry with no countermeasures available in any other country.

The deployment of the French flagship is taking place amid statements by French President Emmanuel Macron that “Turkey understands only actions”, while, at the same time, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan directly threatened Greece and France that “they will pay a heavy price”.

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