“DS/SG-2” | Special Forces and Special Operations Forces Multinational Exercise
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Published on 03/06/2021 at 10:08

From May 17 to June 1, 2021 the Greek Special Operations Forces participated in the multinational exercise “DECISIVE STRIKE/SABER GUARDIAN-21” (DS/SG-21). The exercise took place in the broader framework of “DEFENDER EUROPE-21” in the Krivolak and Petrovic areas in Skopje, along with the participation of the Special Forces – Special Operations Forces of the USA, Skopje and Bulgaria.

The Greek mission consisted of 13 Special Forces personnel members as well as 1 pair of F-16s of the Hellenic Air Force. The said 12 personnel members formed a Special Operations Task Unit (SOTU), whereas one member participated in the operational staff.

Exercise “DS/SG-21” included a number of Special Forces operational activities, such as short-range and long-range individual arms, Close Quarter Battle, Direct Action combined with Close Air missions Support (CAS) from fighter aircraft, Special Reconnaissance, Battlefield First Aid, and Joint Terminal Attack Control (JTAC).

The Greek participation in the exercise proves in practice the active role of our country in the wider region, within the framework of the military diplomacy it exercises taking advantage of the fact that the Special Operations Forces are combat-ready and powerful.

The goal of the Hellenic National Defence General Staff in the near future is to establish a Special Operations Component Command, for which it cooperates with friendly Balkan countries such as Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary.

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