DEFEA 2023 | EODH showcases HOPLITE and Leonidas 300 to the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Cyprus
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Published on 13/05/2023 at 21:33

The Minister of Defence of the Republic of Cyprus, Mr. Michalis Giorgallas, visited the booth of the Greek company EODH at the international defence exhibition DEFEA 2023 held in Athens.

The President of EODH, Mr. Andreas Mitsis, presented, among other things, the 4×4 “HOPLITE” armored vehicle and the upgrade of the “LEONIDAS” Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) to the “Leonidas 300” Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) version, to the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Cyprus.

It is the first time that “HOPLITE” was extensively presented to the Minister of Defence of Cyprus at an exhibition.

“HOPLITE” was first unveiled in Cyprus during the BATTLEFIELD ReDEFiNED 2023 conference organized by C.D Multimedia Services in collaboration with the Cyprus Association of Research and Innovation Companies (CARIE) in January 2023 in Limassol. During the conference, the President of EODH, Mr. Andreas Mitsis, mentioned, among others, that the company is holding talks on the “HOPLITE” vehicle to be used as a platform for mobile ammunition and SPIKE anti-tank missiles.

It is recalled that “HOPLITE” has already been presented to the Hellenic Army General Staff.

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In addition to “HOPLITE”, the Minister of Defence was informed about the upgrade of the APC “LEONIDAS” to a fighting vehicle with a Slovak Valhalla turret, the NIMROD 300/2.

The turret can carry either a MK44 30mm autocannon in the NIMROD 300/2 configuration or an Oerlikon KCE 30mm autocannon – also known as the Mauser MK30 – in the NIMROD 300/1 configuration, both with 180 ready-for-use rounds. In addition, the NIMROD 300/2 configuration carries a 7.62 mm (750 rounds) coaxial machine gun, with the option of fitting a single or twin Fire-and-Forget (Spike LR2) Anti-Tank Launcher or alternatively a Loitering Launcher Ammunition.

In the LEONIDAS upgrade, EODH offers, among others, the addition of a Cat C7 engine, new generation synthetic armor and anti-mine protection for the vehicle and seats.

The Defence Minister was also briefed on the upgrade of Leopard tanks with the ASPIS system by EODH.

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