EODH | HOPLITE unveiled in Cyprus at the BATTLEFIELD ReDEFiNED Conference 2023
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Published on 21/04/2023 at 19:27

The Greek company EODH participated in the International Defence and Security Conference BATTLEFIELD ReDEFiNED 2023, held in Cyprus where it unveiled, among others, the Greek HOPLITE vehicle in Cyprus.

In his presentation, the President of EODH, Mr. Andreas Mitsis, stated that the modular structure of HOPLITE allows it to be configured according to the customer’s needs. HOPLITE can carry a crew of 8 people with the necessary load, has a turbocharged 6.7 liter diesel engine with automatic transmission, while its maximum speed is 120 km/h.

The vehicle can cover a wide range of missions and can be used not only by the Armed Forces, but also by other security forces such as the Police and the Fire Service. Mr. Mitsis emphasized that access to the vehicle is particularly important, which allows its easy repair and restoration in operational condition.

He also stated that a special light version of the vehicle is being prepared for the needs of a customer whose name was not referred to. The positions provide protection to personnel from explosive devices, while the survivability of the vehicle and its degree of protection, which adheres to all necessary protocols and exceeds the average of ordinary similar vehicles, was emphasized.

Mr. Mitsis also mentioned that EODH is holding talks on HOPLITE to be used as a platform for cruise munitions and SPIKE anti-tank missiles. He also revealed that there is interest in the platform from major countries. At the DEFEA 2023 exhibition next May, according to our information, we expect to see HOPLITE in a new combat configuration.

Watch the following VIDEO for the exclusive presentation of HOPLITE to the DEFENCE ReDEFiNED team at the international defence and security exhibition Eurosatory 2022 in Paris.

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