Cyprus | Satisfaction with the renewal of the UN Peacekeeping Force mandate
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Published on 31/01/2023 at 11:05

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cyprus expresses its satisfaction with the Security Council’s adoption of the Resolution according to which the mandate of the UN Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus is renewed for another 12 months, that is, until January 31, 2024.

As the Cypriot Ministry of Foreign Affairs states in its relevant announcement, the Council will continue to be informed every six months both about the Good Services and the Peacekeeping Force through the relevant Reports of the UN Secretary-General.

It is recalled that the aforementioned Resolution, together with Resolution 186/1964, constitute the institutional guide for the presence of UNFICYP in Cyprus. Both Resolutions refer to the legally binding obligations of the parties involved in relation to the Cyprus conflict.

Specifically, the Resolution reaffirms the agreed basis for the solution of the Cypriot conflict which is none other than the Bizonal Bicommunal Federation with political equality, as specified in the Council’s relevant Resolutions. It highlights the provisions of Resolution 1251 which refers to a Cypriot state with a single sovereignty, citizenship, and international personality.

Extremely important provisions are also the references to the issue of the enclosed area of ​​Varosia, in respect of which the Security Council calls on Turkey to proceed with the reversal of illegal actions and to respect Resolutions 550 and 789 as well as the presidential statements of the Security Council when the Famagusta issue was the main topic of special sessions of the Council.

The Resolution registers the Security Council’s dismay at Turkey’s non-compliance with its previous appeals, warning that any new unilateral action within the enclosed area will provoke the Council’s response.

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The Resolution reiterates the Security Council’s strong support for the Secretary-General’s effort to revive the dialogue process and includes reinforced references to the need to reach an agreement on the appointment of a UN envoy tasked with assisting the effort to restart negotiations.

Reports on the issue of violations in the Eastern Mediterranean are maintained and it is emphasized that disputes must be resolved peacefully in accordance with applicable international law. It also calls for the avoidance of actions that could harm efforts fo a solution, which sends a strong message to Turkey.

The Resolution also includes references to the need to promote confidence-building measures and the importance of the participation of women, youth, and civil society in general in the peace process, to further strengthen economic cooperation and to end the political obstacles that delay or hinder progress in important initiatives such as education.

Therefore, special reference is made to the “Imagine” program, which is indicative of the decision of the Turkish-Cypriot side to suspend its participation in the program.

The Security Council calls for the restoration of the status quo in Strovilia and highlights Turkey’s responsibility for this violation. Important references to the issue of missing persons and the need to accelerate efforts, especially access to records to assist the work of the Commission of Inquiry on Missing Persons, are also retained.

Finally, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cyprus expresses satisfaction and thanks the involved member-states of the Security Council for the effectiveness of the diplomatic process of the last weeks, which resulted in the smooth adoption of the Resolution.

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