Green Line | 300 new police officers for its surveillance
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Published on 19/04/2022 at 11:00

Interior Minister, Nikos Nouris, spoke on Radio Proto on Monday morning about the New Unit that will monitor the Green Line. 

The information spoke of 300 new police officers. Nikos Nouris confirmed it, noting that the Police and Security Forces expressed their positions, and a bill was drafted, which was submitted to the Cabinet by the Minister of Justice to receive approval and then go to Parliament.

Nikos Nouris said that an initial discussion took place in Brussels, from where he received a positive response, while within a week the proposal will be drafted in order for the Republic of Cyprus to receive funding from Brussels. Buffer zone surveillance and the protection of the Republic of Cyprus are obligations imposed by the European Green Line Regulation and require the Republic of Cyprus to take measures that will prohibit the entry of third-country nationals who do not have proper travel documents.

“The 300 police officers who will man the new Unit will be under the umbrella of the Police. They will have duties like a police officer, they will be special police officers,” said Nikos Nouris.

Finally, around the end of the summer, the Green Line surveillance system will be installed, which will be handled by the National Guard, the Minister of Interior also stated. 

It is an electronic system with a 24-hour operation, capable of transmitting images where needed. This system will assist both the Green Line surveillance line and the Police’s work on smuggling and immigration flows. This way there will be proper monitoring throughout the day. This system combines several electronic means.

It is noted that the choice of the Israeli system was made by the National Guard, because the Israeli Ministry of Defence has experience in border surveillance. Thus, it was agreed that Israel will coordinate the supply and installation of technological means. After the installation, the operation will be performed by members of the National Guard. 

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