Cyprus Police Association meets with Minister of Justice, Chief of Police and General Director of the Ministry
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Published on 09/09/2021 at 16:49

According to an announcement by the Cyprus Police Association, a meeting was held today between the delegation of the Association and the Minister of Justice, the Chief of Police and the Director General of the Ministry.

According to the announcement of the Association, the meeting was held in a very positive atmosphere and several issues that concern the Association’s members were raised. The issue of upgrading Police ranks was discussed, while both the Minister and the General Director of the Ministry of Justice (President of M.E.P.A.) expressed their support. Likewise, the Chief of Police expressed his support for the continuation of the procedures for upgrading all ranks in the Police. Reports on the subject were prepared by experts on behalf of the Cyprus Police Association, in support of a fair claim.

The issue of the Independent Authority for the Investigation of Complaints against the Police was also discussed, where it was requested to criminalise baseless complaints against Police Officers when the latter are performing their duty. In addition, it was requested that the ‘complainants’ be charged with the legal fees paid by the Police.

Regarding Police recruitments, the Association stressed once again its firm position on filling all organic positions in the Police. It was also requested that in addition to the vacancies, new posts be created for the needs arising from the establishment of new Police Services and Departments as well as from political decisions. Both the Minister and the Chief of Police assured that appropriate actions are being taken to fill the vacancies.  

Regarding the increased duties and obligations of Police members, it was assured that efforts are being made to eliminate duties that do not fall within the Police’s jurisdiction.  

The issue of Prefects was also discussed in accordance with the conflict of the Children Law and the Association was assured by the Minister that the process for the exclusion of our members from specific duties and their replacement by other personnel is already underway.

Finally, the issue of Police promotions was also raised and the Association underlined its firm position on speeding up and completing promotion procedures. In addition, it welcomed the intensive efforts of the Chief of Police to carry out the promotions. The Association called for the implementation of all promotion posts to be repeated every year.

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