Results announcement for Class 2024 reserve officer candidates
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Published on 15/06/2024 at 13:13

The results of the selection exams for Class 2024 reserve officer candidates were delivered by the representative of the Rector of the University of Cyprus, Mr. George Spanoudis, to the Minister of Defence in the presence of a representative of the President of the Parliamentary Defence Committee.

The delivery of the results is the culmination of a transparent and immutable process implemented in collaboration with the University of Cyprus.

The Minister of Defence congratulates all the successful candidates and all participating parties and thanks the University of Cyprus and the Examination Service of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports for their excellent cooperation and contribution to the completion of the process.

The first 100, according to the score they collected, are considered successful.

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Results of the written selection exams of Class 2024 reserve officer candidates.




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