Cyprus Police | 1st training at the CYCLOPS center in collaboration with UNODC – Photos
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Published on 08/05/2022 at 19:17

Members of the Cyprus Police are currently attending a training program that includes inspections of marine vessels, installations, arrests and other items of maritime threats.

This two-week program is provided by the UNODC Office for the Combat against Maritime Crime and is funded by the United States under the Border Control and Security Program and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cyprus. The program also receives support from the US Embassy.

Part of the training took place at the CYCLOPS training center for the first time after its inauguration. 

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The photos published by UNODOC_MCP depict members of the Cyprus Police from various departments, including the Emergency Response Unit (MMAD) and the Port and Maritime Police, taking part in the training.

Members of the Cyprus Port and Maritime Police on an Astrapi-type speedboat

Members of the Cyprus Police during VBSS training

Training on prosecution at CYCLOPS training center

Members of the Cyprus Police with MP-5 submachine guns in VBSS training

Information from: UNODC,

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