Cypriot police officer, a national expert at EUROPOL
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Published on 21/10/2021 at 11:00

A Cypriot police officer is among the EUROPOL Cybercrime Centre personnel in the position of Forensic Examiner of Computers and Mobile Phones. Officer 2751 Julia Thoma has served at the European Operational Center of EUROPOL in Hague since February 2019, as a Seconded National Expert.

She is a member of the Digital Forensics Laboratory, specializing in the forensic examination of computers and mobile phones. As she states: “I specialize in unlocking mobile phones, applying all the best practices and specialized know-how”.

To date, Ms. Thoma has participated in the investigation of 37 cases through the European Police Organization, successfully examining more than 500 pieces of evidence. She has also participated in operations of EUROPOL Member States, such as Spain and Malta.

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Her contribution to the investigation into the murder of journalist Daphne Caruana Galicia in Malta in October 2017 was crucial. The latter was investigating a case of corruption, which was related to high-ranking individuals in Malta, and had begun to unveil information.

During the efforts put in a month and a half, during the judicial examination, the Cypriot expert managed to unlock the phone of one of the main suspects in the case. The unlocking of the phone allowed the discovery of important data and information, which led to the resignation of the then Prime Minister of Malta.

Mrs. Thoma’s response to the defence attorneys during the trial in Malta is noteworthy: “It took me only a month and a half to find the password. In the worst case, it could take more than 30 years.”

The unlocking of the mobile phone and the general contribution of EUROPOL in the investigation of the case is considered a great success of the European Police Organization. As for Mrs. Thoma herself, she considers an incident in the courtroom of Malta, immediately after her testimony, to be her greatest personal reward. “As soon as I finished my testimony, the husband of the dead journalist approached me, thanking me in Greek.”

Source: Cyprus Police

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