European Monitoring Mission in Georgia – Sergeant Andreas Pallaris Participates
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Published on 11/10/2021 at 13:20

European Missions have been established by the European Union to assist in training local police to European standards in countries facing a post-war period and suffering from increased policing needs, especially in terms of organized crime.

The Directorate-General of European Union and International Police Cooperation (DG & IPC) coordinates all issues related to the participation of the Cyprus Police in European Police Missions (e.g. EUBAM Moldova-Ukraine, EUMM Georgia, EULEX Kosovo), in the framework of international police cooperation, while in constant communication providing all necessary assistance to them.

On December 3, 2020, the European Council extended the mandate of the EU Monitoring Mission in Georgia (EUMM Georgia) to December 14, 2022.

Sergeant Pallaris Andreas, who serves at the Mission Office (Headquarters) based in Gori – the busiest and largest Mission office – participates in the mission as an observer.

He was initially selected as an Assistant Team Leader in an Administrative Line Supervision Team (may be likened to the so-called “Green Line”) as well as as an Assistant Team Leader in the so-called “Compliance Team”, which additionally inspects other Security teams of the Georgian Authorities as to whether they comply with existing agreements regarding the deployment of a number and different types of security units and Armament in specific geographical areas.

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At the same time, using the Mission’s existing means, he monitors the Russian Military Units or other Russian Security Corps in the disputed areas as well as the Military or other security corps of the so-called “Republic of North Ossetia”.

The Sergeant’s duties at the Mission Office in Gori are summarised as follows:

  • Assistant Team Leader (planning and assigning the tasks and objectives of the team members, checking the reports they submit and the compliance of the members with existing internal instructions).
  • Supervisor and person in charge of upgrading the Integrated Thematic Database of the Mission Office in Gori.
  • Instructor in the correct and effective use of the Mission’s equipment and in the familiarization of the new entrants with their role and duties (Following the suggestions of the Sergeant Pallaris, new realistic educational programs have been formed and introduced at the same time, training members on various issues regarding performing their duties in a short time).
  • Instructor in the safe and correct use of the Mission vehicles on and off-road in adverse conditions (snow, mud, etc.) as well as in ways to recover the vehicle in case of immobilization, due to poor road conditions or other causes.
  • Participation in various working groups or meetings at office and Mission level to configure/upgrade operational or training planning.
  • Patrols in the context of his duties as an observer and writing relevant reports.

In addition and mainly on a voluntary basis, the Sergeant – like other members of the Mission – participates in non-operational activities which aim, among other things, to strengthen the Mission’s relations with the local population and authorities, to promote the work of the Mission and the principles of the European Union with an emphasis on issues of gender balance and equality and violence against women.

These activities are usually associated with joint sports activities with locals, cleaning areas, information in school units, and organized groups.

Source: Cyprus Police

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