Counter-Terrorism Squad and Special Forces participate in special training in Jordan
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Published on 19/10/2022 at 13:26

Members of the Special Counter-Terrorism Platoon and National Guard Special Forces are participating in a training held at KASOTC (King Abdallah Special Operations Training Center) in Amman, Jordan.

As reported by the Cyprus Police, the training, which kicked off on 02/10/2022 and will last for four weeks, is being carried out following an official invitation by the Jordanian Armed Forces. Ten members of the Special Forces of the Cyprus Police and ten officers of the National Guard General Staff’s (GEEF) Special Forces are participating in the said training.

The entire activity is conducted with the use of modern tactics and training methods by qualified personnel of the Jordanian Special Forces. Furthermore, the training is held in modern facilities which simulate realistic conditions.

The joint training of the Special Police Forces and GEEF contributes to the closer cooperation of the units and it aims at compatibility and common tactics and methods, which will be a catalytic factor in potential joint operations in the future.

With information from: Cyprus Police

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