Britain | First flights with asylum seekers to be deported to Rwanda in July
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Published on 03/06/2024 at 17:31

Britain plans to start deporting asylum seekers to Rwanda on July 24, a government lawyer said today, although the controversial plan depends on Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s Conservative Party winning the upcoming election.

Sending asylum seekers who have arrived in Britain without the relevant documents to Rwanda is one of Sunac’s key policies, but the legal and parliamentary hurdles he has faced mean it has yet to be implemented.

Sunak has said that deportation flights will not depart before the July 4 election, but has vowed that if he wins, they will begin shortly. The opposition Labor Party, leading in the polls by around 20 points, has vowed to scrap the plan if elected.

In documents submitted to the High Court in London as part of an appeal against the plan by Asylum Aid, government lawyers said that the aim is to fly to Rwanda not earlier than July 23, 2024.

Yet government lawyer Edward Brown then told the court that based on an operational update from the Home Office, the first flight would depart on July 24.

Source: CNN Greece

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