“Blue Whale 2020” | Multinational exercise led by Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean 

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Published on 30/10/2020 at 12:23

The multinational aeronautical exercise led by Turkey “Blue Whale 2020” starts today. The exercise will be conducted in the Eastern Mediterranean and will last until November 10. The aim of the exercise is Anti-Submarine Warfare.

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Six countries namely Pakistan, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Spain and the U.S. will participate in the exercise in addition to Turkey.

Spain will participate with the Alvaro de Bazan frigate and replenishment oiler Patino, the USA with the Arleigh Burke class destroyer, USS Ross, Pakistan with the River class frigate, PNS Zulfiqar, Italy with the Maestrale class frigate ITS Grecale, Bulgaria with the Koni class Smeli frigate and finally Romania with class Type 22 frigate Regina Maria.

The exercise “Blue Whale” (Mavi Balina) takes place every two years and is considered the largest anti-submarine warfare exercise in the Mediterranean. The headquarters of the exercise are located at Aksaz Naval Base. The “Blue Whale 2020” will be conducted in three phases, most notably the second phase where operational scenarios will be conducted. The exercise evaluation meeting will be held via teleconference due to the Covid-19 restrictions.

With information from CNA,

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