“Army 2023” | Russia shows off ‘spoils of war’
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Published on 17/08/2023 at 16:18

The international defence exhibition “Army 2023” kicked off on Monday, August 14 in Moscow, with the Russian Ministry of Defence announcing that approximately 1,500 pieces of defence systems will be exhibited.

More than 60 countries have confirmed the participation of their official military delegations in the event. About 1,500 leading Russian defence enterprises are taking part in the exhibition and business program of the forum.

Also, about 85 foreign companies and organizations from seven countries are participating in the forum which is organized by the Russian Ministry of Defence.

In particular, the Russian Ministry of Defence held the traditional International Military and Technical Forum ARMY 2023 IMTF with the participation of 82 foreign states, including Asian and African states, among them Belarus, Vietnam, India, Iran, China, and Pakistan, seriously contributing to the development of military-technical cooperation.

According to reports, 14 bilateral meetings were organized and held with representatives of Myanmar, Pakistan, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Djibouti, Central African Republic (CAR), Mali, Burkina Faso, Uganda, Bolivia, and Burundi.

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Russia is showing off some of the most advanced defence systems with a focus on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). However, what attracted viewers’ attention at the exhibition was the Ukrainian and Western defence equipment captured by Russia during the war in Ukraine.

Specifically, according to the Russian Ministry of Defence, equipment seized during the “special operation in Ukraine” is displayed at Patriot Park near Moscow, a park with military exhibits.

This exhibition includes the Swedish CV90-40 infantry fighting vehicle, the US M-113 armored personnel carrier, the Australian Bushmaster armored vehicle, and the French AMX-10RCR wheeled armored vehicle. In addition, the Ministry noted that many British vehicles were also found among the exhibits.

Russian forces claim to have seized more than 870 weapon systems from the Ukrainian battlefield.

With information from: Eurasian Times, TASS

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