“Aegean Zero Hour” | Second part of “Dark Sky” trilogy to be released soon
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Published on 21/10/2023 at 18:20

The first book of the “Aegean Zero Hour” trilogy entitled “The First Blood” describes a future crisis in the relations between Greece and Turkey, which leads the two countries to a war in July 2029.

The plot

July 26, 2029, dawn. The fleets of Greece and Turkey are once again lined up against each other in the Aegean, on the occasion of Turkey’s drilling very close to Rhodes. Direct communication between Athens and Ankara has been down for days, while foreign powers recommend restraint as usual. This time, however, an “accident” changes everything.

With relentless realism, the plot takes the reader to war councils, invisible diplomatic consultations, warship bridges, cockpits, and even the trenches of frontier islands.

According to the publisher (Memento), the shocking plot of the first book of the Aegean Zero Hour trilogy, published in 2022, captivates the reader, without avoiding difficult questions or promising easy answers.

The original web series, first published by the Flight website, has turned into a full novel now sold in Greek and Cypriot bookstores.

In fact, according to the author Milto Antoniadis, the second book of the “Aegean Zero Hour” trilogy entitled “Dark Sky” will be released soon by Memento Publications.

The “Aegean Zero Hour” trilogy is an exciting, unprecedented – for Greek literature – war novel, by no means inferior to the successful foreign language books of the same genre.

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