Veradardz | Drama film with footage from National Guard units – Exclusive
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Published on 02/03/2022 at 19:29

Only a few days left for the premiere of the Armenian film “Veradardz” (RETURN) in cinemas in Armenia.

The star of this film is Yuri Melikov. Yuri is the well-known Cypriot singer from Armenia who became famous in 2014 via the first season of “The Voice of Greece”.

The film, which is partly based on true events, unfolds the story of a Syrian-Armenian young man who was thrown into the battle against Islamist terrorism for the sake of his family and love.

According to the script of the film, written by Arman Gevorgyan, a young Armenian with roots in Syria who serves in the armed forces of a foreign country (of the Republic of Cyprus), risks his life to save his family from the Islamic State in Syria and return to Armenia, where he finds his love.

DEFENCE ReDEFiNED spoke with Yuri Melikov about his debut on the big screen. Yuri told us that via the film he also wanted to highlight the National Guard of Cyprus, an institution which he proudly served as he characteristically stated. The film is a project by Of.U productions and includes scenes from the National Guard units, following a relevant license obtained by the Ministry of Defence. 

After the premiere of the film in Armenia on March 08, 2022, thoughts are made for the screening of Veradardz in Cyprus’ cinemas as well.

Watch the trailer of the drama film below: 

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