ADDITESS | Part of EDF-funded TICHE project on cutting-edge UAV and Mobile C2 system technologies
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Published on 20/09/2023 at 10:43

Cypriot company ADDITESS announced its participation in the TICHE project funded by the European Defence Fund (EDF) 2022 under the coordination of RINA. The said project aims at further developing its cutting-edge technologies on UAVs and Mobile C2 systems.

The TICHE project seeks to reshape detection capabilities through a multiplatform collaborative approach. 

By combining advanced sensors and their information, AI, and unmanned systems, the project seeks to extend detection capabilities, while ensuring power efficiency, transportability, and continuous operation.

With 11 partners from 5 EU countries, RINA – as project coordinator – shall work to explore the potential of these tools and to integrate them into a multiplatform collaborative solution able to detect hidden threats, including explosives and landmines in complex environments, using a combination of advanced sensors, information fusion from those sensors and unmanned ground and aerial systems to extend detection capabilities. 

The project has been selected for funding from the European Defence Fund 2022 and is part of a technological challenge that will develop novel ways to improve security and lifesaving operations with an estimated cost of 4.996.117,47 euros.

Intracom Defense SA, T4i Engineering SMPC, and AINOOUHAOU SA will also participate in the project from Greece.

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