Wild Goose | Marom Dolphin’s tactical hauler in urban warfare – VIDEO
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Published on 30/09/2022 at 15:13

The Israeli company Marom Dolphin released a VIDEO showing the deployment of the Wild Goose tactical hauler in urban warfare. 

Israel’s Marom Dolphin has recently developed a partnership with the National Guard in the field of combat equipment. It has also presented its innovative products in Cyprus, at the CYPSEC conference held in 2021 in Nicosia. At the conference, which the Defence ReDEFiNED team attended, Wild Goose was showcased, among others.

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As mentioned in the article above, the Wild Goose – Tactical Hauler is an electric-powered robotic system that can accompany an operation team or a combat patrol and can be carried by a soldier. In particular, the Wild Goose may be attached to the back of the kit and dragged by the soldier. It is used for transporting cargo, necessary equipment for the execution of the mission and also for evacuating the wounded. It can be easily folded, while its connection-disconnection mechanism is quite fast and ergonomic, a necessary feature especially in cases of engagement with enemy fire where fast disconnection is required.

Its tires provide transport capabilities in mountainous areas and in areas with large obstacles and rough terrain. In cases where it can be used to evacuate a wounded person, it significantly “reduces” the loss of firepower of the combat team, since in case the wounded person is evacuated with the use of stretcher or otherwise, usually 2 or 4 people are needed which means they are unable to continue firing at the enemy.

So far there are two versions, the 4×4 variant with a load capacity of up to 120 kg and the 2×2 one with a load capacity of up to 60 kg. Its mechanism allows it to operate in temperatures ranging from -25 to 90 degrees Celsius. It can also be connected to a wireless remote control which can be placed in the rifle handguard for ergonomic purposes.

The VIDEO released by the company, which you can see below, depicts Wild Goose operating as part of a team on a mission to evacuate urban areas. The vehicle appears to pass through obstacles such as steps and debris as well as narrow corridors. As mentioned, it can carry ammunition, anti-tank weapons and other equipment required for 6-8 people. The VIDEO also shows how it can be used either towed by a team member or moving ahead of a team with the use of a remote control.

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