War in Ukraine | Limited extension of the grain agreement
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Published on 15/03/2023 at 11:15

A Russian official said a landmark agreement allowing Ukraine to export grain from its Black Sea ports had been extended for 60 days, although Kyiv said it was sticking to a 120-day extension, while the United Nations and Turkey said the consultations are ongoing.

Since Russia and Ukraine signed the UN-backed Black Sea Grain Initiative in Turkey on July 22, millions of tons of grain and other food products have been exported from Ukrainian ports.

Russia hinted on Monday that it would allow the deal to be renewed but only for half the period of the previous extension, while the United Nations committed that they will make every effort to ensure that the agreement remains intact.

The informal dialogue between the United Nations and the parties to the agreement goes on regarding its extension, a UN representative said yesterday, adding that live talks with Russia have already ended, but consultations are continuing with all sides.

The agreement, which was renewed for 120 days in November, runs until March 18. It was not immediately clear how the agreement could be extended for half the period of its previous renewal. Turkey said talks were continuing, while Ukraine said it would stick to the terms of the deal reached earlier.

In a statement that said talks were continuing, the Turkish Defence Ministry said that Russia had agreed to support a 60-day extension of the agreement, reached between Moscow and Kyiv brokered by Turkey and the United Nations in July.

Russia has said that while the West has not directly targeted its agricultural exports, sanctions on payments, transport, and company insurance prevent it from exporting its own grain and fertilizers.

Source: Euronews

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