USA | F-15 fighter jets to be sold to Egypt
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Published on 16/03/2022 at 10:46

The United States will sell F-15 fighter jets to Egypt, the US general said during a congressional hearing, despite concerns in Washington over the human rights situation in the Arab country.

In the case of Egypt, General Frank Mackenzie said there was good news in the sense that F-15s will be procured, something that required a long and difficult job. General Mackenzie is the head of the Joint US Middle East Command (USCENTCOM), which has spoken before a Senate committee.

The senior officer did not want to go into details about the sale. The State Department, which will have to approve it, has not yet notified Congress of the planned sale, as required.

In January, the United States announced the approval of the sale of two large packages of military equipment to Egypt, including transport aircraft and radar systems. The sale of the 12 four-engine C-130 J Super Hercules and related equipment is estimated to be worth $ 2.2 billion. Last year, however, the State Department suspended $ 130 million in military aid to Egypt because of the human rights situation in the populous Arab country.

Source: ΑMNA

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