USA | Amendment calls for listing NATO members who support Hamas
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Published on 10/06/2024 at 12:18

The listing of NATO countries that support Hamas is provided for by a new amendment submitted to the US National Defence Authorization Act (NDAA) by New York Congressman Dan Goldman.

In particular, the amendment provides that the Head of the US National Intelligence Service should submit an annual report to Congress with the aim of listing the NATO countries that support Hamas.

Although the Turkish government is not named, it is believed to be a photographic amendment, as it is known that Turkey is the only NATO country that maintains close ties and supports the activities of this organization.

Given that the bill is currently under negotiation, the Hellenic American Institute (AHI) has called on its members across America to contact their congressmen in their districts in order to request support for this specific amendment to be included in the final text of the NDAA 2025.

The amendment entitled “Report of NATO member countries that support Hamas or its affiliates” specifically states: “No later than 120 days after the date of passing of this law, the Head of the National Intelligence Service, in coordination with the Minister of Defence, the Treasury Secretary and Secretary of State, must submit a report to the appropriate congressional committees detailing every NATO country – if any – that hosts Hamas members, Hamas affiliates, Hamas financial assets or its branches. 

The report should be submitted to the following House and Senate committees: Armed Services Committee, Foreign Affairs Committee and Homeland Security Committee.”

Source: CNN Greece

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