US senator proposes to buy S-400 from Turkey | Russia’s reaction

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Published on 30/06/2020 at 19:31

U.S. Senator John Thune has proposed to buy S-400 defence systems from Turkey to resolve the dispute between Washington and Ankara over the purchase of Russian S-400s. The proposal has provoked the reaction of Russian parliamentarians who estimate that Turkey is not going to sell the S-400s to the US.

Turkey cannot re-export the S-400s without Moscow’s consent. Russian parliamentarian Vladimir Jabarov suggested that if this happened, the US military would review the S-400s “to the screws” to create their own system.

“I can’t understand how to improve the relationship between the US and Turkey, if the United States will take some kind of complex S-400 myself. In my opinion, solely in order to satisfy their curiosity, or rather to say, just to steal our military secrets,” said Jabarov. 

Russian parliamentarian Oleg Marozov, in turn, described Tyun Troll’s proposal. “Turkey is a NATO country and it is understandable that it has S-400 territory, then the Americans know a lot about this system,” Morozov said.

Leonid Slutsky has suggested that Ankara will not consider the US senator’s proposal referring to it as “cynical”. “I believe that such a thing will not be possible and this proposal will not be taken into consideration by Turkey,” Slutsky said, while adding that it may “complicate bilateral relations with Russia and undermine confidence in terms of the strategic partnership relation.”

On her part, the representative of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation, Maria Varabiova, said that Turkey could not re-export Russian S-400 defence systems without Moscow’s consent.

Also, in a statement, the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation said that “Turkey cannot re-export Russian-made S-400 defence systems without Moscow’s permission.”

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Source: ANA MPA





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