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Published on 05/03/2022 at 19:02

An innovative Institute within the University of Nicosia has been operating in Cyprus for a few years now, with a focus on research and technology in the fields of defence and security.

The Defence and Security Research Institute (DSRI) was established at the University of Nicosia to develop collaborations with various government and research organizations as well as the industry in Cyprus and abroad, with the aim of promoting research and technology related to defence and security. A typical example is the participation in various European programs such as the LOTUS program in which we note that other Cypriot companies also participate.

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According to its President, Professor Dimitris Drikakis, the DSRI is also particularly active in various dual-use technologies such as Artificial Intelligence  (AI) and Machine Learning but also Cybersecurity and Cyberwarfare. 

In the video below you can watch the interview (en subs) with Professor Drikakis and learn, among other things, about the use of AI as a “game-changer” factor in future defence applications.




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