Ukrainian Issue | Russia recruits 30,000 men every month according to Great Britain
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Published on 01/04/2024 at 10:29

The intelligence services of the Army of Great Britain estimates that Russia’s Αrmy is “likely” to recruit approximately 30,000 men a month to continue the war it has been waging in Ukraine since 2022.

Russia maintains a large quantitative advantage in the war, outnumbering Ukraine in terms of ammunition and equipment, the British Ministry of Defence acknowledged in a post on X.

Moscow is probably mobilizing roughly 30,000 new recruits a month and is likely to continue having casualties and keep launching attacks to wear down Ukrainian Forces.

According to the same source, Russian Forces are continuing their attacks after the recent capture of the fortress city of Abdiivka and have gradually advanced westward. At the end of March, they almost certainly took control of two villages, Tonenke and Orlivka, and continued to claim others in the area.

They are also constantly launching attacks on various other parts of the front, but have made little progress in recent weeks, according to the British Ministry of Defence.

Western analysts partly attribute the Russian advance to shortages of ammunition and combat-experienced personnel that Kiev has been facing lately.

Source: CNN Greece

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