Ukraine | Priest tries to sell 2 Igla anti-aircraft missiles
Andreas Pogiatzi
Published on 29/09/2023 at 07:40

In the course of joint operational and investigative activities, the Secret Service of Ukraine (SBU) arrested a 42-year-old resident of Kherson who allegedly tried to sell weapon systems, looking for buyers.

According to an announcement by the SBU, this is a 42-year-old Priest who was found with 2 portable “Igla” anti-aircraft launchers with 3 batteries and RPG anti-tank rockets.

The Priest was arrested and is facing a prison sentence of 7 years, while he was asking for 111,000 hryvnias (2815.98 euros) for the sale of the said weapons and ammunition.

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According to the SBU, the weapons were stolen from depots when the war broke out. After further searches of the Priest’s house, wooden boxes with ammunition and explosives, a PKM machine gun and an AK-74 rifle were also found.

In other news, Ukrainian authorities arrested a military commissar of the Ukrainian National Guard in Kiev for stealing military equipment.

According to information, 9M113 “Konkurs” anti-tank guided missiles, AK-74M rifles, TNT explosives with detonators, an AKS-74 rifle, an AKM rifle, a shotgun and other military equipment were found and confiscated.





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