Ukraine | Kiev tripled its arms production last year
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Published on 26/02/2024 at 15:22

Ukraine tripled its arms production in the past year and today 500 companies are active in the country’s defence sector, as the Ukrainian Minister of Strategic Industry stated yesterday.

Kyiv is looking for ways to bolster its defence against the two-year-old Russian invasion, including boosting domestic arms production and innovation.

Alexander Kamyshin said during a conference call in Kyiv that 100 state-owned and 400 private companies are participating in the effort and that Ukraine plans to significantly increase ammunition production this year.

For his part, Ukrainian Minister of Digital Transition, Mykhailo Fedorov, stated that 90% of drones used in the field against Russian forces are produced in Ukraine.

About 50% of Western arms deliveries to Ukraine do not arrive on time, Ukrainian Defence Minister, Rustem Umerov, stressed during the teleconference. Currently, commitment does not mean delivery, as 50% of these commitments are not fulfilled on time, the Minister said. Because of these delays, people and land are being lost, he added.

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, has repeatedly prompted its Western allies in recent days to deliver military aid on time, specifically demanding munitions, more air defence systems and fighter jets.

The Ukrainian President also estimated that delays in arms deliveries contributed to the failure of Kyiv’s counteroffensive in the summer of 2023.

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