Two state-of-the-art new patrol boats join the Hellenic Coast Guard – Photos & VIDEO
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Published on 18/12/2020 at 11:39

The Hellenic Coast Guard proceeded with the receipt of two out of the four state-of-the-art patrol vessels manufactured in Italy.

The specific vessels, HCG (Hellenic Coast Guard) 900 “Marinos Zampatis” and HCG 910 “Georgios Kotoulas”, manufactured in Italy at the Cantiere Navale Vittoria shipyards, have a total length of 36.3 meters and exceed speeds of 35 knots. At the same time, they have a range of more than 1,000 miles.

The first two state-of-the-art vessels were received by the Hellenic Coast Guard for the necessary trials and their official accession will take place around the end of January. The 3rd patrol vessel is expected to be delivered at the end of May and the 4th one at the end of November.

The HCG 900 and HCG 910 are type P355 High Speed ​​Coastal Patrol Vessels and are expected to join the fleet of the Hellenic Coast Guard immediately so as to contribute to the protection of the maritime borders of Greece.

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The contract was signed on 22/01/2019 between the Ministry of Shipping & Island Policy and CANTIERE NAVALE VITTORIA S.P.A. The total cost of all four (4) vessels amounts to 55,560,000 million euros. Ninety per cent of the funding was provided under the FRONTEX Special Equipment Action of the Internal Security Fund, while the remaining 10% was provided by the nation.

The vessels have been manufactured in Italy with specifications prepared by officials of the Hellenic Coast Guard officials so as to fully cover its operational needs.

– Overall Length: 36.30 meters

– Overall Beam: 7.45 meters

– Maximum Speed: Over 35 knots

– Cruising Speed: Over 32 knots

– Maximum range with cruising speed: over 1000 N.M.

– Operational Capacity (Douglas Sea State): Scale 5

– Number of Passengers: 32 people (12 crew members + 20 passengers / rescued) 

– Propulsion: Two (2) modern naval diesel engines

– Armament: Two (2) 12.7mm Elbit remote controlled weapon stations (RCWS)

The vessels feature modern engineering and marine equipment as well as the necessary gear for surveillance and law enforcement missions.

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With information from: Hellenic Coast Guard,






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