The Minister of Justice expresses his gratitude to the members of the Cyprus Police
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Published on 16/04/2020 at 18:24


In an announcement, the Minister of Justice and Public Order, George Savvidis, praises the work done by the members of the Police during this difficult period and the unprecedented conditions. 

The Minister acknowledges the professionalism and willingness displayed by the members of the Force and expresses his gratitude to all those who work for the Country’s collective good.

We quote a translation of the Minister’s announcement:

“With deep appreciation, I feel the need to address all members of the Cyprus Police to express to each and every one of you the gratitude of the Government and myself personally, for the high sense of responsibility with which you are performing your duties, fighting in the front line to limit the dispersion of the coronavirus pandemic.

I am well aware that this willingness and professionalism that you show are not because you are bound by law. I have seen your conscientiousness talking to you during your patrols, on foot or not, to ensure that there is the necessary conformity to the Decrees, a result of this dynamic situation, in order to protect the health of our country’s people. I have seen your conscientiousness visiting Police Stations and I have seen your conscientiousness as you defend the right to security of all citizens of our homeland, whether in service or not, respecting the Authorities and the high duty that you serve as members of our Police. 

I always want you to keep in mind that the conditions we live in are unprecedented. Stay focused on kindness, discretion, sensitivity. Remember that each and every one of you reflects the Force towards society and your attitude towards the sensitivities of our fellow citizens, who are also going through difficult times, needs to always be exemplary.

For what you do that is not only required by duty but also by ethics, I feel the need to express to you the pride I feel for each and every one of you, in whatever Department you serve. I have no doubt and I want you to continue with the same diligence and professionalism to act with respect, respecting the requirements of the Law, to ensure the right to security of all citizens without exception, without racist distortions and with increased sensitivity towards all – and especially – towards the vulnerable groups of the population. Having the same worries like with you, I urge you to be careful. Please carefully follow all the hygiene measures announced and take all necessary precautions.

The service and conscientiousness of all of you is the connecting substance of the effort, so that by helping the health professionals, we can all break the coronavirus dispersion chain together.

Stay strong, hang in there. A very big thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you. Thanks to your dedication to the collective good, we will overcome this ordeal”.




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