Special Forces | The National Guard Commandos training in the snow
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Published on 08/02/2022 at 17:37

The National Guard General Staff (GEEF) published photographs from the Special Forces’ training in the snow. This training activity aims at familiarizing the Special Forces Command personnel with the execution of operational objects under adverse weather conditions. 

The exercise included items, among others, of setting up shelter, tactical movement in the snow and execution of engagement and disengagement with enemy forces. The Special Forces proved once again the high operability level and the wide range of missions they can undertake.

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In the photos, the new acquisitions of the Special Forces Command, namely the Tavor and the Negev rifles from Israel stand out in the personnel’s individual armament. The NEGEV light machine gun, depending on the version, weighs between 7.65 kg and 7.8 kg, while its effective range is up to 1000 meters. Its velocity ranges – depending on its version – from 600 rounds/minute and 1050 rounds/minute. The Tavor rifle has a caliber of 5.56X45 mm, with an effective range of 300 meters, it weighs 3.4 kg and has a firing rate of 750-950 rounds/minute.

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