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Published on 17/12/2021 at 18:30

On Friday, December 17, 2021, the ceremony of awarding the green beret to the Professional Soldier Commandos took place at the “Lt. Gen. Georgios Katsanis” Camp in Stavrovouni. The Professional Soldier Commandos of Class 8 successfully completed the Basic Special Forces training.

The basic training included familiarization with personal armament, special forces and special operations, training in explosives and First Aid provision, mountain warfare, while it was highly demanding both physically and mentally. With their professionalism, hard training and the spirit that characterises the Special Forces more generally, the new Professional Soldiers are expected to significantly contribute to their service to the homeland.

In his speech, the Commander of the Special Forces Command, Lt. Gen. Loukas Hatzikostantas, stressed to the newly-recruited Special Forces that the awarding of the insignia and the green beret is only the beginning of a difficult but beautiful journey. They are then called on to continue this journey with courage, in order to remain in the Special Forces family, as the motto of the Units of the Special Forces Command is: “THOSE WHO WANT TO JOIN MAY COME, THOSE WHO ENDURE CAN STAY”. He also pointed out to them the obligation to embrace the spirit of the Special Forces, to dedicate themselves to their mission and to appear worthy of their predecessors and the heroes who offered the most valuable in the name of their homeland. 

The Chief of the Armed Forces, in his greeting, after congratulating the new Professional Soldier commandos for the completion of their demanding training, said that the green beret they received as well as the emblem of courage and victory that now adorns their arm, shows people with great mental reserves and physical endurance, ready to defend, if required, the Republic of Cyprus, adopting “THE ONE WHO DARES, WINS”. He pointed out that they must be guided and have as an example the sacrifice of their predecessors on the mountain peaks of Pentadaktylos, Katsanis and Katountas who together with their soldiers fought for our national pride and left a great legacy which the special forces are now fighting for.

Concluding, he reminded them that as a member of the Special Forces Unit, during the execution of their mission, they will be faced with conditions unusual for human nature. Therefore, the fact that their voluntary joining of the Special Forces was a conscious choice shows that looking at them we can see these people we are looking for.

Concluding, the Chief of the Armed Forces congratulated the Commander and the officers of the Special Forces Command and its Units for both the implementation of the training and the impeccable organisation of the ceremony, which show the high level of training and morale of the Special Forces, while he also wished them safety in each of their missions.

Source: GEEF

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