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Published on 28/09/2021 at 16:02

SkyWall, a system manufactured by OpenWorks, capable of capturing airborne drones with the use of a net, was showcased at the exhibition DSEI 2021. 

The British-built system, which looks like a big gun on the back of a vehicle, is able to track drones in the sky and bring them down automatically.

According to the company, SkyWall can tell the difference between a bird and a drone, and takes only two buttons and 15 seconds to be deployed. Once the drone is hit with the net, it is brought to the ground with a parachute – allowing the operator to recover any information the drone has managed to capture.

Specifically, SkyWall Auto is an autonomous system that is remotely operated and rapidly captures multiple targets in accurately-delivered nets, deployed in conjunction with electronic counter-measures for a layered defence, or in environments where an electronic attack cannot be used.

It can be used as a standalone drone capture system or be integrated with a drone detection and security system. A single SkyWall Auto system can protect a high-value asset or multiple systems can be networked and deployed to protect a large site.

SkyWall Auto launches a projectile up to the target drone after the system has autonomously acquired and tracked it using world-leading-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The system can be permanently installed on a building or vehicle-mounted for mobile deployment.

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Technical features

  • “Physical” drone capture: no electronic countermeasure or predictable outcome
  • Integration for full autonomy: vehicle or building mount and automatic, remotely operated system
  • Long-range net capture: multiple targets engaged rapidly and AI computer vision-tracking
  • Low collateral damage risk: controlled landing using a parachute, all projectile parts remain attached, and targeted counter-measure aiming and release


SkyWall projectiles are reusable and can carry a range of countermeasures. For example, the SP40 includes a parachute that controls the descent of a captured drone. This minimizes the risk of any collateral damage and keeps the drone intact. It allows forensic investigation and enables the identification of the operator. If the drone eludes capture, the projectile is still deployed and controls the safe descent of the tethered components. Other available types of projectiles are: SP10, SP40, SP90, TR10, and TR40.

SkyAI’s tracking technology

SkyAI’s tracking technology brings highly capable performance when tracking targets against complex backgrounds and following fixed-winged threats. SkyAI’s deep-learning neural network classification is used to quickly and reliably detect the target and achieve the most capable drone tracking and capture system on the market.

SkyWall Auto has already proven its ability to physically capture drones in front of US military and government agencies during recent high-profile tests held in Indiana and New Mexico. SkyWall Auto engaged targets at the Black Dart and JIDO Hard Kill events, successfully engaging multi-rotor and fixed-wing targets at both test events during a range of scenarios.

It is worth noting that this system can also be used in MBDA’s Skywarden modular anti-drone system. More about this in the link below.

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