SignalGeneriX | RF Hunter after FPV drone operators
Defence Redefined
Published on 03/06/2024 at 17:48

Armed FPV drones represent a significant threat to security and defence due to their enhanced manoeuvrability, accessibility and capacity for remote operation. 

FPV (first-person view) drones can be equipped with lethal payloads, such as explosives or even firearms, and operated in real-time, making them difficult to detect and intercept. 

Their ability to navigate complex environments and execute precision attacks poses a challenge to traditional defence systems, increasing the risk of targeted assaults on military installations, critical infrastructure and public spaces.

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SignalGeneriX’s RFHunter® manpack system, which made its debut in EUROSATORY 2022, can instantly detect radio emissions from both the FPV drones and their radio controllers, as seen in the video below (end of article). 

According to the SignalGeneriX, RFHunter®, by finding the direction of these emissions, can pinpoint the exact location of the drone operator, providing a critical advantage in counter-drone operations. 

To date, this capability is crucial for security and defence forces, as it allows for the rapid identification and neutralization of potential threats posed by armed FPV drones.

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