Rheinmetall | Supply of AHEAD ammunition for the Skynex air defence system
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Published on 29/05/2024 at 13:28

A European customer country has commissioned Rheinmetall to supply 35mm AHEAD ammunition for the Skynex air defence system. 

According to a relevant announcement, the total value of the order is in the low three-digit million euro range, while a six-digit number of cartridges will be manufactured. 

The Skynex system provides capabilities against short-range aerial threats.

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Skynex is based on cannon-based air defence and is therefore particularly suitable for close-range protection where guided missile systems cannot be effective. 

Furthermore, the use of programmable Air Burst-type ammunition like the 35mm AHEAD is considerably cheaper than comparable guided missile-based systems. 

Lastly, the company stresses that it is not possible to influence or even deflect the 35mm ammunition by electronic countermeasures after firing.

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