Police drones in the battle against coronavirus COVID-19
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Published on 19/04/2020 at 18:47
The Cypriot Police drones were recently used against the fight of stopping the spread of coronavirus COVID-19, monitoring the implementation of the restrictive measures and, in turn, assisting the ground forces task.

The Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) of the Police are used in the aerial surveillance of specific points, of urban areas and beyond, where a gathering of a number of persons can be observed, thus playing an important role in coordinating the ground patrols of the Police. In this way, the best and most extensive surveillance of specific points along with the more immediate action of various situations by the ground forces of the Police are achieved.

In addition to their role, in the efforts to stop the coronavirus, Police drones have been used in recent days to combat the custom of the “burning of Judas”. In this way, especially on the night of Holy Saturday, fires were detected early in residential areas and extinguished by the Fire Service.

The use of UAVs by the Cyprus Police confirms the significant upgrade of the equipment and technical infrastructure of the Police, aiming at even better policing.

The drones, which have been at the disposal of the Police in recent years, have already recorded several flight hours. They are now a useful tool in various police operations, such as sports policing and other important events, search and rescue operations and the search for missing persons. At the same time, they are used to monitor the road network, that is, to monitor, record and evaluate traffic on major roads and intersections.

It is worth noting that the use of cameras by the police drones is always done after consultation with the Office of the Commissioner for Personal Data Protection, while for their flight, a relevant permit is always obtained from the Department of Civil Aviation.

Source: Cyprus Police News




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