North Korea | Launches supersonic missile system Hwasong-16B – Photos & VIDEO
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Published on 04/04/2024 at 15:43

North Korea launched its new Hwasong-16B medium-range supersonic missile system in the presence of President Kim Jong Un and other high-ranking government and military officials.

According to KCNA, the missile initially reached a height of 101.1 km and then  72.3 km, making a flight of a total of 1,000 km. Αs a result, it accurately hit the target in the Sea of ​​Japan, as was originally planned.

The images and video released by North Korea offer a clear view of the manufacturing features of the Hwasong-16B-type missile system, which consists of the 14-wheeled transport vehicle, the missile’s solid fuel booster, and the glide vehicle in front.

For its part, South Korea announced that according to the estimates of the competent authorities, the total distance covered by the medium-range ballistic missile was about 600 km and that North Korea probably tested a new type of warhead, which was also the reason for conducting the test.

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