Netline | Delivery Of 87 additional C-Guard RJ counter-IED Jammers in the Spanish Ministry of Defence
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Published on 11/08/2021 at 18:01

Netline Communications Technologies Ltd. announced the provision of a total of 334 improvised explosive device (IED) jammers including the recently-received order for a further 87 systems, in the framework of the five-year contract with the Spanish Ministry of Defense. 

This batch, scheduled for delivery in November, is an addition to the previous order in 2020, consisting of 51 systems. 

Designed to be mounted on vehicles, Netline’s C-Guard RJ is a highly flexible and resilient modular reactive jamming system capable of addressing a wide range of threats. The system continuously scans the spectrum and responds to any characteristic radiation emissions by focusing the jamming signal and the interference power on them, inactivating the threat

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Covering daily, operational needs, the C-Guard RJ operates on the move and is able to withstand harsh environmental conditions. The system is designed to provide the vehicle crew with ease of operation and maintenance, and simple unit replacement, which can be carried out by the business unit (O-level) quickly. The C-Guard RJ may be adapted for installation and integration into all types of vehicles.

Under the long-term contract, Netline also provides training and maintenance programs for the Spanish Army. 

The Netline Communications Technologies Ltd. develops, manufactures, and supplies electronic warfare solutions (EW) with specialization including anti-IED systems and anti-drone (mounted on vehicles, small, regular, and facilities) and jammers communication systems. 

According to the company, the equipment is combat-proven, with hundreds of systems in service around the world.

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