National Guard | These are the 60 new double cabs that will be received
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Published on 06/05/2021 at 15:00

Last month the Ministry of Defence, in the context of the modernization of the National Guard vehicle fleet, announced the signing of a contract for the acquisition of new pickups (double-cabin) vehicles.

The agreement concerns the purchase of 60 pickups with 4-wheel drive and their service in 5 years or at 100,000 km. The agreement amounts to € 1,368,342 (plus VAT). 

On behalf of the Ministry of Defence, the agreement was signed by the General Director of the Ministry, Mr. Andreas Loukas, whereas Mr. Stelios Asimenos signed on behalf of the company Michaels Automotive Ltd (Ford representative in Cyprus).

The new vehicles that will be received by the National Guard will be Ford Ranger Double Cab XL powered by a two-liter diesel engine with 170 horsepower.

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The model, according to Ford, features, among others, 6-speed manual transmission, emergency brake assist (EBA),  lane keeping assistance (LKA) and electronic stability system (ESC).  

The National Guard has always acquired non-military specs vehicles (double cabs and minibuses) from various suppliers. For the first time, however, the National Guard will acquire a Ford double-cab, while a number of small Ford Transit buses have been in service for several years.

The double cabs, although not considered combat vehicles, can nevertheless be equipped with a special adaptor at their tray, which carries a 7.62 mm machine gun. The only drawback is of course the absence of any shield to protect the gunner which is stabilised on the tray using a special strap. 

Adding armor in civilian type vehicles, however, is not something that is often observed in the armies of other countries, because this would have resulted in a significant impact on vehicle performance, due to the sharp increase in the weight. In the photo below you can see a modified vehicle of the Czech Special Forces from which the doors have been removed, among others to compensate for the increase in weight from the installation of partial shielding (bulletproof windshield).  

Hilux D-4D © Aktron/Wikimedia Commons

In any case the purchase of new vehicles should not be confused with the needs for the purchase of special combat vehicles as, for instance, for the Special Forces or the upgrade or replacement of armored personnel carriers (APCs) with modern armored combat vehicles.

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